How to Clean and Maintain Your Louisiana Founders Series Pellet Grill

Clean your grill grates right after cooking while the grill is still warm using a brush. It is not recommended to use steel brushes, especially on the porcelain coated grates. Once your grill is cool, remove all items from inside the grill and use a scraper to remove any grease and gunk from your flame broiler and slider. Use a vacuum, not the one you use indoors, to remove all ashes from the grill, burn grate and burn pot. The burn grate must be removed to access the burn pot. Use a grill cleaner and wet rags to remove grease and smoke buildup from the upper portion of the inside of the grill. This may take a few attempts to get your grill where you want it and you won’t likely get it all, it’s tough. Quick tip, do not use oven cleaner on your grill, it can damage the powder coat. It is recommended to only clean the bottom of the grill for any grease buildup, likely near the drain. Return all pieces to the grill being extremely careful to place the burn grate in the correct position. Replace your grill’s bucket liner. Use either a light mixture of soap and water or just water to wipe down the outside of your grill, use a cleaner to clean any tough or greasy spots. Clean any stainless, with stainless steel cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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