How to Install an Ambiance Non-Combustible Mantel

Top Hat sells a variety of non-combustible mantels that we install. We do have some customers that don’t have a very large project and they only wish to pick up a mantel to install themselves. Watch the video below and follow these steps for how to install the Ambiance Non-Combustible Mantels.

  1. Unpack and locate the mounting bracket and hardware from the box.
  2. Determine the vertical and horizontal center of the top of the mantel. Mark the location by drawing a horizontal line.
  3. Measure the distance from the bottom of the mantel to the top to find mount placement.
  4. Transfer the measurements onto the wall and make a level reference line.
  5. Temporarily mount the mounting bracket to locate the stud location.
  6. Remove temporary mount and mark stud locations for reference.
  7. Using a 1/8” drill bit, drill holes into the mounting bracket to use 2 ½” point screw.
  8. Install centered mounting bracket with the 2 ½” sharp point screws.
  9. With two people, lift mantel over mounting bracket.
  10. When centered and flush against the wall, place one 2/14” self-drilling screw in the center pre-drilled hole on the top of the mantel.
  11. Screw through until fastener head is flush with the countersunk hole. Do Not Over-Tighten. Do Not Screw Through the Bottom of the Mantel.
  12. Once installed, fill in surrounding mantel area with final finishes to complete the project.

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