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Build Your Own Fireplace App from Kozy Heat.

The living room is the heart of the family, or it can be, with the right fireplace. Get what you want from your fireplace with the Build Your Own Fireplace App from Kozy Heat. They have the fireplace that will fit your space. They are a 3 generational family owned and operated fireplace manufacturer. Whether…
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Starting Your Wood Appliance with Travis GreenStart

Starting a fire in your wood fireplace or insert is now as convenient as pushing a button. This incredible ignition system eliminates the mess of starting a fire with matches and newspaper, while increasing safety at the same time. The patent-pending, breakthrough technology of the GreenStart® system works much like a blacksmith’s bellows. When you…
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Get Your Napoleon Grill Ready for Spring

When taking your grill out of a long hibernation, it is important to make sure everything is safe and ready to go before use. Safety is your first concern. Do a thorough inspection of hoses, connections, igniter and wires; replacing anything that may be broken. Next, proper cleaning is critical for grill preparation. Start by…
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How to Properly Install and Use your Napoleon Rotisserie

Creating restaurant quality rotisserie can be easy when you properly install and balance your Napoleon Rotisserie kit. Remove and wipe down all the parts from the rotisserie kit. Take inventory of all the parts required. Remove the warming rack, turn the rear burner onto high temperature, typically between 450°F and 500°F. Place one fork on…
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