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Efficiency of New Wood Stoves

Modern wood stoves are extremely efficient and they’re a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing from the one you grew up with. A couple of key differences, the efficiency on these is incredible. The EPA set new standards for May 15th of 2020 which means that in a given hour, you can…
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Benefits of a Gas Log Set

So, you want to add gas to your existing fireplace. You have two real options, gas log sets or gas inserts. This is a gas log set. The main difference here is that it is mostly for ambiance. It has a little bit of heat coming from here but because you have an open doorway…
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Benefits of a Gas Insert

If you’re looking to add gas to your existing fireplace you have two real options: a gas log set or a gas insert. This is an example of a gas insert. The difference is that it is a whole new appliance that is added to your existing masonry fireplace with new venting attached to the…
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Jotul Proflame II Remote

Today we’re going to show you how to bring back the thermostat icon on a Jotul Proflame II Remote if it gets cleared. As you can see here, the thermostat icon is clearly visible and I can toggle through my thermostat icons from smart to off or to on. Icons there. We’re ready to change…
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