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How an iWave System Increases Your Indoor Air Quality

How is your home’s indoor air quality? If you experience odors from pets or cooking, see tiny floating particles around the room from sun beams or more than normal static electricity shocks; then you need an iWave air ionization system. This system delivers cleaner, fresher air for you and your family to enjoy. The iWave…
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How to Install an Ambiance Non-Combustible Mantel

Top Hat sells a variety of non-combustible mantels that we install. We do have some customers that don’t have a very large project and they only wish to pick up a mantel to install themselves. Watch the video below and follow these steps for how to install the Ambiance Non-Combustible Mantels. Unpack and locate the…
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Benefits of a Bryant Evolution System Extreme Heat Pump

The Bryant Evolution system can make a serious difference when it comes to home comfort and stretching your energy dollars. With the Evolution system’s integrated control, the whole system is designed to work together where the control actually talks and listens to the outdoor cooling unit as well as the furnace or fan coil inside.…
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