Why Maintain Your Harman Pellet Stove

If you do not properly maintain your pellet unit, you may experience the following:

Lower Efficiency- If the unit is not cleaned it will burn dirty, accumulating carbon and/or fly ash which will not allow the unit to achieve your desired heat output.

Chimney Fire- The air to fuel mixture can become improperly balanced due to creosote buildup.

Staining on Exterior Walls- With a clean pellet unit, you essentially cannot see the emissions coming out of the vent. When the unit is not cleaned repetitive smoke from the vent can stain the exterior walls.

The Unit Shuts Down- Your unit will automatically shut down if it senses incomplete combustion. If this occurs, the status light on the control will repeatedly blink six times.

Not Maintaining a Set Temperature- If your unit does not maintain your set temperature it most likely needs cleaned.

Lazy Yellow Flame- If you experience a weak or lazy yellow flame or excessive black carbon buildup above the fire, your combustion blower or burn pot holes may need to be thoroughly cleaned.

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