Harman Pellet Stove Safety Features

Harman takes pride in heating your home safely. To achieve this, they have incorporated the following safety features into your pellet stove.

Automatic Shutdown- The stove senses burn rate and stove temperature and will automatically shut down if it senses unusual conditions. This helps prevent the stove from burning inefficiently and typically means the stove needs cleaned. Clean your unit each time a cleaning prompt is seen on the home screen.

Pressure Switch- The pressure switch is a safety device that shuts the feed motor off if the front door or ash door is open during operation. The pressure switch also detects when the venting system is becoming blocked and shuts off power to the feed motor and igniter. This helps prevent unsafe firebox conditions.

ESP (Exhaust Sensing Probe)- If the stove senses an excessively high temperature, the ESP recognizes this and automatically reduces to a low burn. This prevents over firing of the stove which can damage the venting system and other components.

Lock Function- The Harman touch control has a lock feature to prevent unauthorized people from changing the settings on your pellet stove.

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