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Efficiency of New Wood Stoves

Modern wood stoves are extremely efficient and they’re a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing from the one you grew up with. A couple of key differences, the efficiency on these is incredible. The EPA set new standards for May 15th of 2020 which means that in a given hour, you can only have 2 grams of Continue Reading

Benefits of a Gas Log Set

So, you want to add gas to your existing fireplace. You have two real options, gas log sets or gas inserts. This is a gas log set. The main difference here is that it is mostly for ambiance. It has a little bit of heat coming from here but because you have an open doorway going through the damper, you’re Continue Reading

Benefits of a Gas Insert

If you’re looking to add gas to your existing fireplace you have two real options: a gas log set or a gas insert. This is an example of a gas insert. The difference is that it is a whole new appliance that is added to your existing masonry fireplace with new venting attached to the top of the insert. The Continue Reading

Recent Industry Articles

Can a Fireplace Be Removed?

There are a few reasons for considering removing a fireplace.  Can it be done?  How practical would it be to do so?  Is it expensive?  Are there any cost effective alternatives?  Let’s try to help you determine if removing a fireplace is a project you should be contemplating.

North America’s Top 10 BBQ Experts

Your favorite chefs reveal their best-kept secrets and what fuels their fire! Get to know some of North America's top pitmasters and what inspires their award-winning BBQ. Learn how to take your grilling to the next level and achieve the best BBQ, every time. Start sizzling, summer is around the corner!

How to cook using a barbecue rotisserie kit

You would like to use a rotisserie kit, but you’re not sure how to. Read this article, and rotisserie will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Which is Better:  Hardwood or Softwood?

You burn wood in a fireplace, stove or insert.  And you want to use the best wood you can for keeping your family comfortable.  Different wood species are found in different areas of the country.   Everyone knows that hardwoods are best for burning, right?  Or . . . . are they?

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