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Safety and Maintenance Tips for Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

Safety and Maintenance Tips for Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

The first step to safe wood stove operation, is proper installation, preferably by a certified professional like Top Hat. The critical consideration in placing the stove is adequate clearance; that means, the stove must be located a safe distance from any objects called “combustibles” that could catch fire such as surrounding walls, furniture, draperies or other items. The appropriate clearances Continue Reading

How to Install Batteries in the Back Up of a Jotul IPI Gas Stove

This video will show you how to put batteries in your Jotul IPI gas freestanding stove. It is good to note that the batteries do not have to be in this system at all if AC power is present, the battery backups are only to give you heat and to operate your burner in the event of a power outage. Continue Reading

How to Troubleshoot Your Wood Burning Appliance

If you’re having trouble starting the fire or getting enough heat from your wood stove, make sure you are avoiding the five most common mistakes by using these tips: Begin with an initial hot fire. Use only dry, seasoned wood. Use plenty of kindling. Don’t use big wood, split the logs again. Give the fire enough air. If that doesn’t Continue Reading

Recent Industry Articles

How to Paint a Fireplace to Bring It Up-To-Date

Painting a fireplace is a way to bring it up-to-date while respecting your budget. See how to do it based on different types of fireplaces.

Tips For Maintaining Outdoor Fire Features

With colder weather, comes a few more items on your “to do” list. But no worries! Here are our tips for your outdoor fire features maintenance before winter.

How to Prepare Your House for Winter

Get your home ready for winter before the cold temperatures arrive with this helpful checklist.

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