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5 Rules to Follow for an Efficient Wood Fire

There are 5 basic rules to follow for an efficient fire: Begin with a hot fire Use only dry, seasoned wood Use plenty of kindling Don’t use big pieces of wood Give the fire enough air How to make your stove work best depends on many variables. Your climate, your home, the type of wood your burn and how you Continue Reading

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Dust, pollen and pet dander. Whatever you think of your indoor air quality, there may be impurities lurking in it. A Bryant Evolution Series Air Purifier can help you remove them.  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, your indoor air can be up to FIVE TIMES more polluted than the air outside your home. This can aggravate both Continue Reading
Jotul Gas Stove

Odor on a Gas Stove Start Up

When you first start burning your new gas stove, you’ll see smoke and detect an odor. This is a normal part of the paint curing process. If you burn your stove on high for 3 to 5 hours, this can help speed up the curing process. If you do this on a mild day where you can open up the Continue Reading

Recent Industry Articles

Mantle and Hearth Considerations For Your Fireplace

If you are planning to install a fireplace in your home, you will have many options regarding the mantle and the hearth. And, it’s a safe bet that you will be living with the decisions you make for a long time. Here are items you will want to give special attention to in order to make that new fireplace the focal point of your home.

How To Vent A Gas Fireplace

If a gas fireplace is in your plans, here are several considerations to keep in mind when planning to remodel or build.

Will A Fireplace Heat Basements?

Whether it’s gas, wood, electric or pellets, here’s a few points to ponder and suggestions for adding a hearth appliance downstairs in your home.

Why Buy An Electric Fireplace?

Your WE LOVE FIRE expert gets this question quite often.  Here are the top ten reasons an electric fireplace (or two or three) is going to add value, atmosphere, and a touch of class to your home. 

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