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How to Clean and Maintain Your Louisiana Founders Series Pellet Grill

Clean your grill grates right after cooking while the grill is still warm using a brush. It is not recommended to use steel brushes, especially on the porcelain coated grates. Once your grill is cool, remove all items from inside the grill and use a scraper to remove any grease and gunk from your flame broiler and slider. Use a Continue Reading

Harman Pellet Stove Safety Features

Harman takes pride in heating your home safely. To achieve this, they have incorporated the following safety features into your pellet stove. Automatic Shutdown- The stove senses burn rate and stove temperature and will automatically shut down if it senses unusual conditions. This helps prevent the stove from burning inefficiently and typically means the stove needs cleaned. Clean your unit Continue Reading

Why Maintain Your Harman Pellet Stove

If you do not properly maintain your pellet unit, you may experience the following: Lower Efficiency- If the unit is not cleaned it will burn dirty, accumulating carbon and/or fly ash which will not allow the unit to achieve your desired heat output. Chimney Fire- The air to fuel mixture can become improperly balanced due to creosote buildup. Staining on Continue Reading

Recent Industry Articles

Creating a Safe and Cozy Home: Wood Fireplace Safety for Every Family

Discover fireplace safety tips for embracing warmth and comfort. Educate, equip, and maintain for worry-free enjoyment. Continue Reading

12 Essential Wood Burning Tips for Efficiency & Safety

Wood stove and fireplace enthusiasts cherish the warmth of a crackling fire, but safety is paramount when considering these cozy additions to your home. Whether you're already using a wood stove or contemplating adding one, prioritizing safety, equipment selection, and maintenance is critical. To help safeguard your family and home, here are 12 essential wood... Continue Reading

5 Challenges With Burning Wood And What To Do About It

In this article we’re going to discuss typical questions that come up regarding burning wood. Specifically, let’s talk about the efficiency of wood burning equipment, routine maintenance that’s necessary, safety concerns for you and your loved ones, sustainability and fuel costs. If you’re thinking about adding a wood-burning fireplace, stove or fireplace insert to your... Continue Reading

Should Natural Gas Be Banned?

The issue of a natural gas ban is certainly a hot topic issue in the USA and Canada that could affect millions of people. The entire premise behind this controversy stems from attempts to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and to improve public health. Some feel very passionate that there are compelling reasons to... Continue Reading

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