In this section you will find recent industry articles with a variety of content to answer the questions you are having about your current fireplace or give you inspiration while designing your dream fireplace.

We have also included a variety of how to videos to help you with any questions you may have about using your fireplace, maintenance and cleaning recommendations, etc. If you have a request for a specific “How To” topic please feel free to fill out the contact form!

How To…

How to Light an Outdoor Gas Fire Table and Safety Tips

First, make sure the gas is turned on to the unit. For LP, make sure the tank is full and the knob is turned to the fully open position. Depress the sparker then turn your knob counterclockwise one quarter turn and fully depress the black valve knob. When the flame lights, continue to hold the knob for 3 to 5 Continue Reading

How to Light Your Kozy Heat Millivolt Pilot and Burner

Begin by flipping down the bottom grill to access the fireplace controls. Locate the control valve, it will have a knob marked with ON, OFF & PILOT. Turn the knob to pilot. In the pilot position, the knob is spring-loaded, push in the knob. While continuing to press in the knob, hit the ignition button several times until the pilot Continue Reading

Helpful Tips and Cooking on your Wood Stove

There’s a couple of great tips covered in this video about burning your wood stove. Don’t ever clean all the ashes out of the firebox, always leave an inch to an inch and a half of ash bed inside the firebox. It’s easier to start the fire, it builds a temperature quicker and you’ll establish a coal bed a lot Continue Reading

Recent Industry Articles

Top 8 Summer Products

Top 8 Summer Products! We’re excited about these eight products.  After reading about them and seeing them in action, we have a hunch you will be too!

What is The Smart Way To Buy My Fireplace or Stove & Why?

What’s the big deal about buying a new fireplace or stove? Why not just buy the cheapest one you can find at the big box stores or online? Burning gas or burning wood, it really doesn’t matter . . . . after all, they all look the same, they’re all built the same, and all do the same thing, right? Continue Reading

The Perfect Way to Grill Low N’ Slow

Have you heard of low n' slow grilling? Do you enjoy grilling meat that is perfectly tender and literally dripping with flavour? Are you drooling yet? Then this read is for you!

8 Trendy Products for Your Fireplace in 2022

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your fireplace, this guide can help. Here are trendy products to enhance your fireplace in 2022.

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