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How to Test Your Firewood with a Moisture Meter

Burning wet wood is a waste. Dry, seasoned firewood helps reduce harmful air pollution, is more efficient and saves time and money. Wood smoke may smell good, but it is not good for you. Wood smoke can affect everyone, but children under 18, older adults and people with health conditions are the most vulnerable. This…
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How to Build a Firewood Storage Shed

A lot of people burn wood to heat their homes or to just create a cozy, relaxing setting. However, the way we store, dry and burn our wood can make a difference. Did you know that burning wet firewood is not only a waste of energy and money, but it can also create harmful air…
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How to Dispose of Wood Stove Ashes Safely

Any wood stove or solid fuel BBQ will have ashes that accumulate. Leaving some ashes in the wood stove helps the burning process by allowing for longer burn times and creating a warm stove in the morning (which makes it easier to restart the fire). However, ashes should be removed from a wood stove when…
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