Travis Industries CoolSmart TV Wall Kit Option

Let’s talk about what CoolSmart is and how it works. The space right above a fireplace can still be very warm. What they’re doing is, they are taking some of that heat off the top of the fireplace and it is being redirected either right above the fireplace itself on the same plane as the fireplace, that’s their CoolSmart kit. Or, they have a new kit, it’s called a CoolSmart sidewall and so with the sidewall, you can dump a register on each side of a bump into the room application that does the same thing, just in a different look. So, if you don’t want to have the registers on the plane of the fireplace and you’re bumping your fireplace into the living space, you can use the sidewall kit.

Why is it important? If you keep the space above the fireplace cool enough, you can install a television safely above the fireplace. Dimensionally, as low as eight inches from the top of the fireplace to the bottom of the television. You can have the television mount either flush to the wall or you can have it recessed into the wall, either application works perfectly good with the use of the CoolSmart kit. There is no need for a mantle, so if you want that clean look fireplace open space television above it, with CoolSmart you can do it.

The other cool part of this whole application is that you are able to run your convection fans on your fireplace at the same time as having CoolSmart installed. Why is that important? Some manufacturers might have a similar type of application to this and they’ll say you cannot have a convection fan on the fireplace operational with the use of a heat direct kit for whatever reason. However, you absolutely can with Travis’s CoolSmart kit. It is important because they know you might have a living space and you want to direct that heat out in the space while you are sitting around with your friends. Turn your fan on, now it is going to heat that space very effectively. Maybe you want more heat directed away from your fireplace, simply turn your convection fan off and you’re getting that heat redirected up to the upper registers of your CoolSmart kit. Again, either a flush on the front part of the fireplace wall or off to the left- and right-hand side of the fireplace.

Hopefully this video helped make sense of how you can shift heat from your fireplace and safely install a television above it.

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