How to Use the Hearthstone Maxitrol Remote

The Maxitrol G6R remote control display screen provides the user with several data points. In the manual operation mode screen, shown, in the upper left-hand corner indicates the current room temperature. To the right the battery level indicator. Below that the time of day and below that the fan level indicator. Along the bottom of the screen will be displayed the operational mode selected by the remote-control user.

The Maxitrol G6R remote control has four buttons to access and set all available features. Each button has multiple functions depending on which features the user is accessing. We will start with the basic functions and move up from there.

The set button allows the user to navigate between the available screens and allows the user to access feature set points. The off button turns the appliance completely off and also works in conjunction with the large flame button to turn the appliance on. The large flame button increases burner flame height, this button also allows the user to set certain features. The small flame button decreases burner flame height and also allows the user to set features.

As mentioned, navigation between the remote screens is performed by pressing the set button. These features include several options for the three modes controlling how the stove operates. Access to the fan and light control screens, if they are available on your appliance. And the ability to set the remote-control clock and all data points associated with the operational modes. The three operational modes available for your appliance are manual, temperature and timer.

Watch the full video to learn how to operate your appliance in manual mode!

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