How to Light Your Kozy Heat Millivolt Pilot and Burner

Begin by flipping down the bottom grill to access the fireplace controls. Locate the control valve, it will have a knob marked with ON, OFF & PILOT. Turn the knob to pilot. In the pilot position, the knob is spring-loaded, push in the knob. While continuing to press in the knob, hit the ignition button several times until the pilot lights. Continue to hold in the knob for 60 seconds to allow for the thermocouple and thermopile to warm up. If the pilot does not light, DO NOT continue to hold in the know allowing gas to build up inside the fireplace. Turn the knob to off and call Top Hat to schedule a service technician.

Before you light the burner, you need to turn the control knob to the ON position. Flip the on/off switch to the on position. If you have a remote control or thermostat, leave the switch in the off position. You would then use either of those devices to light the burner and not use the on/off switch. If you have any trouble, turn the unit off and call Top Hat to schedule a service technician.

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