How to Install Batteries in the Back Up of a Jotul IPI Gas Stove

This video will show you how to put batteries in your Jotul IPI gas freestanding stove. It is good to note that the batteries do not have to be in this system at all if AC power is present, the battery backups are only to give you heat and to operate your burner in the event of a power outage. To install batteries, it is really very simple. The first thing you need to do is locate the battery pack, which is located in the control panel. Looking at the right-hand side of the stove, the control box area panel is there and then right on the back there is the batter backup box., it simply takes 4 AA batteries. To put them in, pop the cover off, put in the 4 batteries and there will be a beep. Put the battery pack back and now the battery backup is installed.

Some of the gas stoves use this style of battery backup box, however in a few of the stoves, this doubles as both a remote receiver and the battery backup box. It is important to know that if it is also a remote receiver, that the batteries do not have to be in the remote receiver in order for the remote receiver to work as long as the AC power is present. There are two styles, they look identical, one is simply a battery backup. Typically, 4 AA’s will last for roughly a year so you want to change them every year. You get about 10 days of continuous operation on a new, fresh set of AA batteries.

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