How to Clean Your Jotul F 500 V3 Oslo Combustor

Whenever you are making a fire, and you are using a lot of heavyweight paper, it can tend to create a lot of fly ash. The fly ash can make its way to the top of the combustor and routine maintenance will make sure that the combustor is free-flowing and that the product is performing correctly. This video will show you how you can access that. The top of the stove is already removed to show you a top view, for the combustor you have easy access right through the front. So, before you kindle your next fire, just take a peek up and look at the combustor. If you do see any fly ash up there, you can take a brush (a simple paint brush is fine) and brush that ash off the combustor which is really easy to do and only takes a few seconds before you burn your next fire. The best thing to do is make sure you’re not using a lot of paper products; Top Hat carries a variety of fire starters that you can purchase instead.

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