How to Clean the Glass on a Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace

In this video, we will demonstrate how to clean the glass on your Kozy Heat fireplace. Before you proceed, make sure that your fireplace has been turned off and the glass has completely cooled down. We recommend that you use a liquid polish cleaner, Top Hat carries the Meeco brand gas stove glass cleaner and it can be picked up from either of our showroom locations. This product safely cleans the glass and removes any white film which is caused by mineral deposits that will permanently etch the glass.
First, remove the safety screen front by lifting it straight up and then pulling it towards you. There are two spring-loaded latches that are securing the glass, pull each latch out towards you and then down to release the bottom. Lift the glass assembly up and off the two tabs located at the top. Apply your glass cleaner with a clean, soft cloth, making sure to give the entire surface a thin coat. Let the product dry completely, it will form a white haze when it is completely dry, which will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe the cleaner off with a separate clean soft cloth.

Reinstall the glass assembly by aligning the tabs on the top of the fireplace with the slots on the assembly. Hook the glass closed with the spring-loaded latches. Reinstall the screen front by aligning the hooks on the backside with the four slots on the fireplace and set it down into position.

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