Efficiency of New Wood Stoves

Modern wood stoves are extremely efficient and they’re a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing from the one you grew up with. A couple of key differences, the efficiency on these is incredible. The EPA set new standards for May 15th of 2020 which means that in a given hour, you can only have 2 grams of particulate coming out of the chimney. What does that mean to you? That in the palm of your hand is about what is going to come out of your chimney in over an hour. Extremely efficient. We get that way from a couple of different things. The most important of which we have a sealed door. The gasket on the inside of the door seals against the frame of the fireplace. Now that we have control of how much air is going into it, we can actually control where it is burning. Secondary burn tubes reburn the fuel as the smoke goes up the chimney. With those two things coupled together and the air control down below, where we can control how much air is going into it, you can have a lot of heat with just a small footprint of a wood stove. We have lots of different varieties. As you look around the showroom, you’ll see a steel stove like this, we also have cast iron and soapstone stoves as well.


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