Benefits of a Gas Log Set

So, you want to add gas to your existing fireplace. You have two real options, gas log sets or gas inserts. This is a gas log set. The main difference here is that it is mostly for ambiance. It has a little bit of heat coming from here but because you have an open doorway going through the damper, you’re going to have house air leaving as it goes up with the exhaust, compared to an insert which we talk about on our gas insert blog. Some of the benefits of a gas log set include having the remote option where we can turn it on and off but also in some models, we can lower the flame and raise the flame via the remote. The convenient ambiance of it is unparalleled. It’s really easy to just come in, turn it on in the afternoons and be done. Also, they tend to be a little less expensive than a gas insert. So, all things that we want to make sure that we understand when we’re quoting the right one for you. Of course, last but not least, there are many different sizes and styles of gas log sets. So, depending on what will work for your fireplace we’ll take care of that once we have had a chance to look at it.


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