Benefits of a Gas Insert

If you’re looking to add gas to your existing fireplace you have two real options: a gas log set or a gas insert. This is an example of a gas insert. The difference is that it is a whole new appliance that is added to your existing masonry fireplace with new venting attached to the top of the insert. The other main difference is that this has a sealed glass unit which means you are going to have a heater rated ceramic glass front which you are going to get a lot of heat from compared to a gas log set which is more for ambiance.

That heat you can actually control with your remote. It is on/off, you can control the flame height, the fan speed and other accessories as well; some of these units come with a light kit that you can illuminate the inside. You’ll notice on all of these we have almost limitless options when it comes to what it can look like when it’s finished and a lot of that comes down to your personal preferences but also what size you have for your fireplace and what is available from the vendors that we work with.


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