Northfield Bay Window

The Northfield is a true work of art represented in a cast iron gas stove. Its classical Early American design and three-sided wrap around fire view more closely resembles a piece of fine furniture than a gas stove. Despite its smaller size, the Northfield features an incredibly large 283 square inches of ceramic glass, which highlights the stove's beautiful, wood-like fire display from any angle in the room.

Features and Benefits

  • Choice of new iron painted, hand rubbed bronze patina or oxford brown enamel finish
  • Standard GreenSmart Remote system with automatic heat/flame adjustment with a huge high-to-low flame turndown ratio- up to 70%
  • Award-Winning Ember-Fyre burner features realistic logs, glowing embers and the most wood-like fire of any gas stove
  • Comfort Control that allows you to turn off the rear burner for less heat to provide for year-round enjoyment of the fire-viewing
  • Built-in battery backup allows continued operation of your gas stove during power outages. Automatically switches back to AC when the power comes back on
  • Choice of pilot ignition modes- GreenSmart pilot or continuous pilot
  • 130 CFM fan
  • Accent lighting


  • Heats up to 850 sqft
  • BTU- Up to 22,000
  • Efficency- Up to 79.96% NG, 81.37% LP

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