Bari Plus

The Bari Plus was designed and is manufactured exclusively in Germany by Hase Kaminofenbau GmbH. They are made available in North America in partnership with HearthStone.

Features and Benefits

  • The catalysts used in our TruHybrid™ system are made from coated stainless steel to ensure a long life, few maintenance concerns, and reliably clean combustion.
  • Hase manufactures stoves using high-quality thick gauge steel, formed using the most modern processes available to achieve the highest level of fit and finish.
  • Ceramic panels are used to bring beautiful textures and glaze colors to the aesthetic of the stove. Ceramics are also used as thermal heat storage bricks to absorb the heat from the fire and radiating a gentle heat for an extended amount of time
  • This modern stoves makes a beautiful impression in rooms with minimal furnishings, well-chosen furniture, and clean, streamlined designs.
  • The Bari Plus is lined with thermal heat storage bricks on all sides of the firebox. The extra height of the stove provides space for even more heat storage, ensuring a long HeatLife.
  • Charcoal Finish


  • Efficiency 76% HHV
  • Burn Time up to 16 hrs**
  • EPA Certified 0.94 g/hr
  • Heats up to 1,400 sq ft
  • Firebox Capacity 1.4 cu ft
  • BTU Up to 35,000
  • Maximum Log Length 17″

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