How to Polish Your Napoleon Grill

Over time and use, your Napoleon grill will require some maintenance to ensure the stainless steel looks its best. Top Hat has stainless-steel cleaning products available in our showrooms and routine cleaning will ensure the stainless continues to shine. Spray the surface of your grill with a stainless-steel cleaner restorer and leave on for one to five minutes (go by the directions of the product). Wipe away any grime with a microfiber cloth in the direction of the grain. Next, thoroughly rinse all surfaces with clean water to neutralize the cleaner and wipe dry. Spray on a stainless-steel polish and protector and leave on for the directed time. Wipe that with a clean microfiber cloth in the direction of the grain. For routine cleaning simply use the polish and protector. Keep your grill looking great by following these tips during your regular Napoleon grill maintenance.

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