Astra 24 Clean Face

With its contemporary clean face and minimal frame, the Astra 24CF draws focus to the beauty and romance of the dancing flames while providing cutting-edge heating technology. Thanks to its compact depth it can seamlessly be installed into an existing wall to replace an old decorative unit while providing all the visual appeal of a large fireplace. Its patented ignition and air-control systems can effortlessly heat large areas of up to 1,500 square feet while producing clean, consistently burning fires. The Astra's high efficiency is also matched by its environmental credentials with an EPA certification of 1.8 g/hr. Cast-iron panels line and protect the robust stainless steel firebox and contribute to the fireplace's extreme durability. This allows heat to be retained and transferred more effectively, resulting in longer-lasting warmth. The Astra 24CF is the versatile fireplace of choice for discerning homeowners.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium quality blower (130 CFM)
  • Removable ash lip
  • Patented automatic air control
  • Chimney sweeping cap
  • Unique door operation
  • Hot air system
  • Dual air wash system
  • Innovative baffle design
  • Patented variable secondary air control
  • Cast-iron panels


  • Heats Up to 1,500 sqft
  • BTU- Up to 75,000
  • Emissions- 1.8 g/hr

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