Large Flush Wood NexGen-Fyre

When compared to any other large wood insert on the market, you will find that our Large Flush NexGen-Fyre™ Insert offers you the best choice in looks, construction, and performance. The flush design does not extend onto the hearth to offer a classic, finished look. NexGen-Fyre™ technology and premium quality materials combined with beauty and optimum performance bring you a ‘best in class’ insert that will heat your home for years to come. Available in arched or rectangular door designs. This model is sold under both the Lopi ® and Fireplace Xtrordinair ® brands. They feature identical bodies and the only difference is your choice of face designs. We have combined all of the face designs in this catalog so you can easily choose the look that best fits your home decor.

Features and Benefits

  • Arch or Rectangular Door
  • Seven Lopi face designs to choose from
  • One piece finish panels
  • Hidden Wiring Kit
  • GreenStart Igniter


  • Heats up to 2,500 sqft
  • BTUs up to 66,736
  • Up to 12 hour burn time
  • Max Log Length 24”
  • Emmissions 1.7 g/hr (Cord Wood)

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