Orion 46

Wall mount direct vent gas fireplace.

Features and Benefits

  • Finish options- satin black, high gloss black, stainless steel, stainless steel + high gloss black, steel grey
  • Wall mount linear fireplace- wall mount bracket and template make for an easy install, wall mount doesn't require re-framing for most installs, install on an exterior wall without the need of a bump-out or chase
  • Reflective black enamel interior- magnifies the glow and depth of the fire
  • Child-safe certified glass barriers- ensures safety within your home
  • Smart remote control- offers flame adjustment, blower speed adjustment, thermostatic mode, programmable timer
  • Glass media- black reflective glass included standard with all fireplaces, 6 additional media options available for purchase
  • On-demand ignition system- conserves energy in warm weather, provides reliability in cold weather
  • Secure battery power- no 110V power needed, ever.
  • Direct-Vent technology- draws combustion air from outside to reduce drafts and maintain indoor air quality
  • Heater Rated Appliance- delivers reliable zone heating


  • Heats up to 1,400 sqft
  • Max Observed Steady State Efficiency- 78.5% NG, 79% LP
  • Burn Rate Range NG- 29,000-19,000 BTUs/hr
  • Burn Rate Range LP- 29,000-19,000 BTUs/hr

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