Elegance 42

An Exceptional Fire

The Elegance Series offers and exclusive combination of aesthetics and technology. For instance, Soapstone has no equal for heat management. It absorbs 15% more heat than firebrick and radiates heat 5 times more than firebrick. This increased efficiency is also the most beautiful to look at inside the firebox. It feels and looks rich!

Heating Comfort

The Elegance Series features a unique patented air control system. This is an important detail when it comes to a wood fireplace. It allows you to slow down the fire to as low as 0.8 kg per hour. It will extend burntime and generate heat at a more even rate. When choosing a wood fireplace, make sure it truly has this type of control over the fire!

Features and Benefits

  • Beautiful glass viewing area
  • Patented automated variable air control that extends burn time
  • Soapstone lining inside for a beautiful even heat output
  • 4 options of standard black fronts
  • Customize the looks with premium decorative fronts
  • Covered by the best warranty in the industry!


  • BTU- 26,354 to 100,000
  • Efficiency- 1.85 g/hr
  • Maximum Log Length- 23”

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