Chimney Maintenance

Chimney Inspection and Sweep

chimneyIt is recommended that you have your chimney inspected and cleaned before each heating season.

Our certified chimney sweeps are experienced in the chimney inspection process, allowing them to identify problems and recommend solutions.

Services may involve inspection of chimney fire damage, annual inspections and cleanings, internal chimney video inspection or installation of rain caps and fireplace dampers.

Preventative maintenance of your chimney helps avoid costly repairs in the future.

Chimney Restoration and Repair


For fireplaces that are old and worn out, we have a unique retrofit system made by AHRENS. The retro fits into an existing masonry or metal firebox, old or new, utilizing the existing damper, smoke chamber and the tile lined flue without altering the existing facing.

Chimneys are either unlined or lined with clay tiles that break, crack, and weather with time. These conditions allow heat and fumes to transfer or escape into the home, sometimes with lethal consequences. If these conditions exist in your chimney, SOLID/FLUE is your best option to restore and recondition your chimney.

To install SOLID/FLUE, our trained chimnologists extend a long rubber tube into the chimney and then inflate the tube to a precise diameter. The tube is spaced away from the chimney walls, and a wet SOLID/FLUE mix is pumped down the opening. The mix then hardens overnight and the rubber tube is then deflated and removed. The result is a perfectly-fitted seamless flue that provides optimal protection against heat and toxic fumes.